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α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π ρ σ τ υ φ χ ψ ω ϝ
a b g d e z h q i k l m n c o p r s t u f x y w v


ά ὰ ᾶ ἀ ἁ ᾳ ϊ
/ \ = ) ( | +

(Developed by Randy Hoyt)

Beta Code is a method of representing, using only ASCII characters, characters and formatting found in ancient Greek texts (and other ancient languages). Its aim is to be not merely a romanization of the Greek alphabet, but to represent faithfully a wide variety of source texts – including formatting as well as rare or idiosyncratic characters

Sample Unicode polytonic Greek text
μὴ πιγήμῃς τοῖσδε μητρυιὰν τέκνοις,
ἥτις κακίων οὖς' ἐμοῦ γυνὴ φθόνῳ
τοῖς σοῖσι κἀμοῖς παισὶ χεῖρα προσβαλεῖ.
μὴ δῆτα δράσῃς ταῦτά γ', αἰτοῦμαί ς' ἐγώ.

Standard Greek alphabet with Beta Code equivalents
Upper case Beta Code Character name Lower case Beta Code
Α *A Alpha α A
Β *B Beta β B
Γ *G Gamma γ G
Δ *D Delta δ D
Ε *E Epsilon ε E
Ϝ *V Digamma ϝ V
Ζ *Z Zeta ζ Z
Η *H Eta η H
Θ *Q Theta θ Q
Ι *I Iota ι I
Κ *K Kappa κ K
Λ *L Lambda λ L
Μ *M Mu μ M
Ν *N Nu ν N
Ξ *C Xi ξ C
Ο *O Omicron ο O
Π *P Pi π P
Ρ *R Rho ρ R
Σ *S Medial Sigma σ S, S1
Σ *S Final Sigma ς S, S2, J
Ϲ *S (*S3) Lunate Sigma ϲ S (S3)
Τ *T Tau τ T
Υ *U Upsilon υ U
Φ *F Phi φ F
Χ *X Chi χ X
Ψ *Y Psi ψ Y
Ω *W Omega ω W


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