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Fix wrong/multiple/double spaces/paragraphs, auto capitalize after full stop/question mark

Paste your text, select an option from the drop-down meny [the default is Fix spaces/capitalization (English)], enter the number for the security question and press the Submit button. Two columns will appear, the right one will have colour marking of the differences (blue with underline stands for additions, and red with strikethrough stands for deletions). Pressing on the Copy to Clipboard button will copy the corrected text to the clipboard. Then you can paste it in any program by pressing Ctrl+V.

What does the script do
— Fixes double and multiple spaces including whitespace (maximum 1 space)
— Fixes multiple paragraphs (maximum 2)
— Fixes spaces before and after punctuation marks (i.e. before full stop, semicolon, colon, comma, exclamation mark, question mark there should be no space, and after them there should be one space)
— Fixes wrong case usage (i.e. after full stop, exclamation mark, question mark the first letter of the first word should be a capital letter). It does exclude initialisms if they are marked with consecutive full stops.

For more info, to give your feedback, as well as see examples of how this script works, please use the forum topic for this script.

There is a similar function for Greek text (slightly different rules apply there) as well as two functions on removing the final n from Greek (info in Greek).


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