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Greek translator, Greek translation, Greek software localization, Greek website translationGreek translator, Greek translation, Greek software localization, Greek website translation
Greek translation

 Greek translator, Greek translation, Greek software localization, Greek website translation
Spiros Doikas
[ translation blog | personal blog | poetry blog | music blog]
Translatum Founder, translator, CAT tools trainer
Specializing in localization

BA English Studies (MMU, UK)
MSc Machine Translation (UMIST, UK)
Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation (English to Greek)

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Certified Pro at Pro
Books Αιδοίον το δηκτικόν

Translation (€0.06-0.08 per word, discounts for repetitions/fuzzy matches apply)
Editing / Proofreading (€ 0.01-0.03 per word)
Web Design / Management (see projects)
Web Site Optimization and Promotion (meta tags optimization, content optimization for high ranking). (see projects)

Open source work (see projects)

Language pairs

English-Greek translation
Italian-Greek translation
French-Greek translation
Greek-English translation




Web site localization (sample projects)
Software localization (sample projects)
Dictionaries (sample projects)
Medical (sample projects)
Eastern Philosophy (sample projects)
Literature (sample projects)
Poetry (sample projects)
Manuals (sample projects)

General Software

Windows 10
Office 2013
Many CD-ROM tools and dictionaries including OED, Britannica, Magenta, etc.

Desktop CAT tools

SDL Trados Studio 2014 / 2015 / 2017
sdl SDL Trados Suite 2007
éjà Vu X 3
MetaTexis (trainer and localized it into Greek)

Wordfast Pro (trainer)

Cloud-based tools

Wordfast Anywhere (trainer)
sdl Google Translator Toolkit


Conferences / Talks / Papers

arrow12-14/11/2015. 10th Conference "Hellenic Language and Terminology". Paper: Lexicalizing the forum (read abstract | Paper | presentation).

30/5/2015.Δωρεάν σεμινάριο κατάρτισης Νέων Μεταφραστών: Ποιότητα ορολογικών εργασιών στη μετάφραση της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής: Εισήγηση με τίτλο: «Φτιάχνοντας ένα ηλεκτρονικό γλωσσάριο – εργαλεία και δυνατότητες ενσωμάτωσης στη μεταφραστική ροή εργασίας» [Αρχείο παρουσίασης αποθηκευμένο σε pdf].
arrow 23/5/2015. 5η Συνάντηση Εργασίας Ελληνόφωνων Μεταφρασεολόγων: Ανακοίνωση με τίτλο: «Ποιοτικός έλεγχος των ελληνικών αποδόσεων στην ορολογική βάση ΙΑΤΕ» [Αρχείο παρουσίασης αποθηκευμένο σε pdf στα ελληνικά και τα αγγλικά]. Εκτενέστερη και με συνεχή ανανέωση εργασία στα αγγλικά με τίτλο QA and optimization of the Greek entries in the IATE tbx export.
3/4/2015. Ημερίδα της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής: «Ίδρυση Δικτύου ορολογίας για την ελληνική γλώσσα και μετάφραση» (Ακαδημία Αθηνών, συμμετοχή κατόπιν προσκλήσεως).
8/11/2014. Ημερίδα της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής: «Συνέδριο για το μέλλον των γλωσσικών επαγγελμάτων» (Πειραιάς, Πανεπιστήμιο Πειραιά). Μέλος της Οργανωτικής Επιτροπής και συντονιστής της παράλληλης συνεδρίας με τίτλο: Τα ελληνικά στο λογισμικό και στο οπτικοακουστικό διαδικτυακό οικοσύστημα του 21ου αιώνα.
arrow 11/4/2014. Ημερίδα Εργασίας: «Δίκτυο ορολογίας για την ελληνική γλώσσα και μετάφραση» (Αθήνα, Αντιπροσωπεία της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής στην Ελλάδα). Ομιλία με τίτλο: Για περισσότερα και καλύτερα εργαλεία. [Πρακτικά | Ενημερωτικό Σημείωμα] και συντονιστής της κόκκινης ομάδας εργασίας.
arrow 9/11/2013. 9th Conference "Hellenic Language and Terminology" (Athens, 7-9 November 2013). Ανακοίνωση με τίτλο: Όταν το LSJ γνώρισε τη Βίκυ (Wikifying the LSJ) [ Αρχείο παρουσίασης σε pdf | Αρχείο παρουσίασης σε Powerpoint (10MB)].

arrow 2013 (28/9). Εκδήλωση για την Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Μετάφρασης 2013 - Εθνικό Ίδρυμα Ερευνών, Ομιλία με τίτλο: Μεθοδολογία αναζήτησης ορολογίας για μεταφραστές, Θεωρία και πρακτική για την εύρεση και την αξιολόγηση της καταλληλότητας των όρων: Από το έντυπο λεξικό μέχρι τα σώματα κειμένων, τις μηχανές μετααναζήτησης και τα ορολογικά εργαλεία μεταφραστικού περιβάλλοντος [Λήψη pdf παρουσίασης]
arrow 2011. 8th Conference "Hellenic Language and Terminology" (attendance)
arrow 2009. 9th Conference "Hellenic Language and Terminology" (attendance)

Interviews taken / Συνεντεύξεις από

arrow 2015. Ζέφυρος Καυκαλίδης
arrow 2014. Νίκος Σιδέρης


dot 2015 (February) attended a 15-hour E-lexicography course in Meta|φραση School of Translation Studies, Athens, Greece taught by Elena Mantzari.

2006 (12-21 December) attended a 12-hour Lexicography course in Meta|φραση School of Translation Studies
, Athens, Greece taught by Nick Lingris.

The course dealt with:
—history and terminology of lexicography
—dictionary comparison and evaluation
—practical lexicographical issues
—lemma production
—computational lexicography and corpora
use of the Internet as a lexicographical tool

(3-7 July) attended Technology for Translation Teachers seminar in Boğaziçi U
niversity, Istanbul, Turkey.
Instructors included Anthony Pym,
Bert Esselink, Minako O'Hagan, Reinhard Schäler and Belinda Maia.

1999 Nov. Institute of Linguist's Diploma in Translation
[English into Greek]
Paper 1 (General Translation with annotations), Paper 2 (Information Technology), Paper 3 (Science)

1995-7 MSc in Machine Translation, UMIST, Language Engineering Department

Taught and dissertation conversion course consisting of the following modules: 
Applied Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Translation Theory, Computational Linguistics, Prolog, Terminology, Project (evaluation of Globalink translation software - from English to Italian), MSc thesis entitled: "Points for the design of hybrid (rule-based and corpus-based) MT systems"

Download the thesis as zip file 42KB [final format Word 2000]

Check out my machine translation links

1992-5 BA in English Studies,
Manchester Metropolitan University, Grade: II.i

in detail

1992-3 Edge Hill University

1st yr BA (Hons) in combined French & English Studies

English (Language & Literature) 73
(the linguistic aspect involved phonetics, sentence analysis, pragmatics,
transformational-generative grammar, semantics, sociolinguistics)
French (Language & Literature) 56
European Studies 56

1993-4 transfer to Manchester Metropolitan University

2nd yr BA English Studies Single Honours

Working Class Writing 68
18th & 19th century poetry 61
Modern Criticism 67
Text in Performance 65

sample essays:

Sex, Sade, Paglia and the Romantic Imperative
Eros, Thanatos and the negation of the will-to-live in Larkin's Poetry
The difference between signifier and signified

(An essay on Saussurian linguistics)

1994-5 3rd yr

Contemporary Critical Theory 59
Contemporary English 69 (sociolinguistics, pragmatics, semantics)
Shakespeare in Performance 54
20th Century Poetry 68

Dissertation entitled "Metaphysics of Art" (A study on the theory of art
of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer)
Download it [zip 45KB]

1993 Sep. Two-week Erasmus Course in France
(Universite Paul Valery, Amiens)

1991-2 A Levels (AEB).

Greek A
English Literature C

1990-1 Translation and Interpretation Studies at the European Educational
Organization (English and French).

1990 Cambridge Proficiency C 1990

"Apolytirion", 2nd Lyceum of Corfu 15

Work Experience

Book translations (from English into Greek)

2003 The Manual of Trigger Point and Myofascial Therapy, Dimitrios Kostopoulos, Konstantine Rizopoulos
Publisher: Digital Copy Center

(This guide offers the reader a comprehensive theraputic approach for the evaluation and treatment of myofascial pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction. This manual serves as a quick reference for clinically relevant items that pertain to the identification and management of trigger points. The first section of the book covers the therapy and research regarding the Myofascial Trigger Point Syndrome. Treatment methods and techniques are also covered in a comprehensive step-by-step format. The second section includes the most important muscles that tend to have a higher incidence of the myofascial involvement. Each muscle is supplemented by two pages of text and illustrations in order to aid the student or clinician in an institutional or practicing setting. The muscle page contains a plethora of information for the reader including muscle origin, insertion, location of trigger points, referenced pain patterns, myofascial stretching exercises, positive stretch signs, and biomechanics of injury.)

2003 by Digital Copy Publications, Athens.
Buy English original on line: Amazon.com | Amazon UK

Check out my English-Greek Medical Glossary (Muscles)

2002 Questions from the City, Answers from the Forest: Simple Lessons You Can Use from a Western Buddhist Monk, Sumano, et al,
Kyveli Publications
(Uses a distillation of Buddhist wisdom to answer the questions of "city" people who sought out the author, an American Buddhist, in his forest retreat to obtain his answers to life's most basic questions.)
Buy English original on line: Amazon.com | Amazon UK
Link to Greek Translation

2001 The Life of the Buddha, Bhikkhu Nanamoli, Kyveli Publications
(This books provides a rough chronological description of the Buddha's life and teaching based on the Pali canon, the oldest and most complete systematic treatment of classical Buddhism.)
Buy English original on line: Amazon.com | Amazon UK

Check out my Buddhist dictionaries and e-texts links

2000 Change Your Mind, Paramananda, Kyveli Publications
(Buddhism is based on the truth that, with effort, we can change the way we are, and among the many methods Buddhism has to offer, meditation is the most direct. It is the art of getting to know one's own mind and learning to encourage what is best in us. This book focuses on two Buddhist meditation practices - mindfulness of breathing (the bedrock of all meditation practice) and Metta Bhavana, which aims gradually to nurture an unshakeable confidence and a concern for the welfare of others. The practical aspects of meditation are addressed, including the maintenance of a regular meditation practice and dealing with any difficulties that arise. )
Read English excerpts
Read Greek excerpts
Buy English original on line: Amazon.com | Amazon UK
Buy Greek Translation on line

1999 Quotations on Music, (selection and trans. by myself), Afaton Publications
Read Greek excerpts
Buy on line

1999 Vision and Transformation, An Introduction to the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path, Sangharaksita, Afaton Publications
Read the Greek translation
Buy Greek translation on line
Buy English original on line: Amazon.com | Amazon UK

1998 Rent Boy, Gary Indiana, Periplous Publications.
(The adventures of Danny, architectural student, waiter and rent boy, who escorts anyone - male, female or otherwise - who can afford him. Then his liaison with another rent boy involves him in a grisly organ selling ring. This black comedy exposes the fundamental immorality of modern society)
Buy on line
Buy English original on line: Amazon.com | Amazon UK

1998 The Distant Lover, by Cristoph Hein, Periplous Publications.
Buy on line
(Written by the East German author who won the Heinrich Mann Prize, this novel is an account of a life half-lived, of the price of safety, of the abysses that open beneath the best-ordered, most enlightened modern lives - whether in East Berlin, West Berlin or New York City.)
Buy English translation on line: Amazon.com | Amazon UK

1998 The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Periplous Publications. (unpublished)
(After the death of her parents, Mary Lennox is brought back from India as a forlorn and unwanted child to live in her uncle's great lonely house on the moors. Then one day, she discovers the key to a secret garden and, as if by magic, her life begins to change.)
Buy English original on line: Amazon.com | Amazon UK

All published books/translations in Greece as they appear in biblionet

Poetry Translations

Selected poems by Robert Graves, Porfiras literary quarterly, issue 89
(January- March 1999), p. 343.
Read the translation and the original poems

Selected poems by Philip Larkin, Porfiras literary quarterly, issue 91
(October- December 1999), pp. 167-171
Read the translation and the original poems

Poems by Emily Dickinson  at Translatum Poem of the Week
Poems by Eleni Vainas (CV) at Translatum Poem of the Week
Poem by Meng Tze  at Translatum Poem of the Week
Poem by Walter Malone  at Translatum Poem of the Week
Poem by W. H. Murray  at Translatum Poem of the Week
Poem by Sir Walter Raleigh at Translatum Poem of the Week
Poem by Jacques Pr
évert  at Translatum Poem of the Week
Selected poems by Cesare Pavese (unpublished).


2007 Software and Website Localization course for Metaφραση School of translation Studies
2005 onwards - teaching CAT tools and Microsoft Word in meta|φραση School of translation Studies

Official MetaTexis trainer (also localized the program)


No Sex Please, We're Brutish, a satire on the mores of British society and student life, CreateSpace Publications, 2013

Buy it as a book  from CreateSpace, Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon FR, Amazon DE.
In Kindle format from Amazon US,  Amazon UKAmazon FRAmazon DE.

Αιδοίον το δηκτικόν, εκδόσεις Captainbook.gr, 2012
English-Greek Dictionary of Buddhist Terms (work in progress)
English-Greek slang Dictionary (work in progress)
The computer as a tool for writers and translators (work in progress)

Periplous, (Art and Literature quarterly) issue 46 (Fall 1998),
Who is afraid of Antigone (theatre review)
Read this article

ROM (leading Greek computer magazine for the internet and multimedia),
issue 15, Translation in the Digital Era, (an evaluation of tools for translators, like electronic dictionaries, corpora, translation memories, internet resources, etc.), pp. 106-125
Read this article (Click on Ψηφιακή Μετάφραση)
Read readers' comments

Ελευθεροτυπία, Ιερά Κείμενα (Αφιέρωμα), 23/02/2000, Βουδδισμός
(An article on the Buddhist Canon)
Read this article

Athens News, Meaning lost for the "fingertips"
A letter regarding religious tolerance and the true meaning of spirituality
Read this letter

Translatum Electronic Journal, Ο Μεταφραστής και το Διαδίκτυο
(The Translator and the Internet), issue 1, June 2001.
Read this article

Translatum Electronic Journal, Shortcuts for Windows and Word
issue 2, June 2002.
Read this article

Translatum Electronic Journal, Αξιολόγηση: Το Λεξικό Νοηματικής Γλώσσας "Νόημα" σε DVD-ROM, issue 2, June 2002.
Read this article

RAM (The most popular Greek computer magazine for the internet and multimedia), issue 167, March 2003, Systran Personal 4. Πρόγραμμα αυτόματης μετάφρασης από τα αγγλικά στα ελληνικά

Translatum Electronic Journal, Systran: Ελληνική<=>Αγγλική αυτόματη μετάφραση - Αξιολόγηση, issue 3, March 2003. (εμπλουτισμένη έκδοση του άρθρου που δημοσιεύτηκε στο RAM)
Read this article
Web site Localization

Web site localization (into Greek): Zimand (Memorial site for cancer victim, extended use of flash presentations)
Web site localization (into Greek): Showroom.gr (ad posting site for vehicles, etc)
Web site localization (into Greek): Jobshop [English Greek] (on-line job agency)
Web site localization (into English): Magenta (electronic dictionaries and fonts manufacturer)
Web site localization (into Greek): Ciel & Logis (Apartment Rental in Chamonix Sud, France)
Web site localization (into English): Paxos Villas (Apartment Rental in Paxos, Greece)
Software Localization

Software Localization (into Greek): Eclipse
Software Localization (into Greek): CyberLink PowerDirector
Software Localization (into Greek): CyberLink PowerStarter
Software Localization (into Greek): CyberLink Power2Go (disc recording software)
Software Localization (into Greek): CyberLink PowerDVD 7 (DVD player software)
Software Localization (into Greek): MetaTexis translation memory application.
Software Localization (into Greek): Punbb open source forum software.
Software Localization (into Greek): Ectaco full operating system and Pocket Office localization for Pocket PC.
Software Localization (into Greek): Ectaco Toshiba Read
Software Localization (into Greek): AnyCount. AnyCount produces automatic word counts, character counts, line counts, and page counts for all common file formats. Supports .DOC, .RTF, .XLS, .PPT, .PPS, .HTM, .CSV, .PDF, .TXT, .ZIP formats, characters with spaces, characters without spaces.
Software Localization (into Greek): Infocasa Software for Estate Agents
Software Localization (into Greek): PC Games for Mattel and HotWheels
Software Localization and marketing material (into Greek): for DELL
Software Localization (into English): Magenta English-Greek Dictionary for English Speakers
Software Localization (into English): Magenta Magenta MS-Windows Extensions
Software Localization (into English): Magenta Dictionaries Explorer I and II (the interface for Magenta Golden Version English-Greek-English Dictionary and other dictionaries)
Software Localization (into English): Magenta Magenta Extensions for Windows
Software Localization (into Greek): Mambo Content Managent System, Greek translation for Mambo 4.5.1a
Software Localization (into Greek): editing of Simple Machines Forum (SMF Forum) version 1.0 RC2. Download the Greek language files
Software Localization (into Greek): Intermittent in-house work for major localization projects.

Manuals for Sony Vaio computers
Sprinklers and other watering devices' manuals for Acclima
Telecommunications Software Manuals Localization (into Greek): Samsung OfficeServ Call, OfficeServ Link, OfficeServ News, OfficeServ EasySet [50,000 words].
Coffee machine manuals and marketing material for Krupps and Starbucks.
Manuals for road contruction equipment (rammers) for Wacker


Information Technology Dictionary 22,000 terms for Magenta (Editor and major contributor). Part of Magenta Golden Version English-Greek-English Dictionary.
English-Greek Dictionary of Buddhist terms (unpublished)
Web Design Projects

katetanopoulos.net (Web site for a Greek painter)
artoflow.com (Web site for The Art of Flow - Zen and Psychotherapy)
kallia.gr (Web site for a Greek muralist and painter)
atasteofgrece.net (Mavrikos Imports - importer and exporter of Greek food and other products)
lead-yourself (A site for a writer of self-development books)
paxos.tk (island of Paxos, Greece - information and accommodation)
Web Site Optimization

vassiastherapy.gr No 1 for the search words shiatsu Athens, No 3 for the search words shiatsu Greece, No 1 for the search word σιάτσου (on Google).

kallia.gr (Site for a muralist and painter - try searching Google using keywords like τοιχογράφος, τοιχογραφίες)
translatum.gr (This site - try searching Google using keywords like Greek translation, Greek translator, Greeklish converter, convert dollars to euros)
Ciel & Logis (Apartment Rental in Chamonix Sud, France)
buddhism.gr (A site on Buddhism and buddhist meditation, try keywords on Google like Κέντρο διαλογισμού, βουδδισμός, διαλογισμός, μαθήματα διαλογισμού)
Open Source Work

arrow 2007-now Wikipedia/Wiktionary contributor
2005 Co-translation and editing of Simple Machines Forum software (SMF)
2005 Search plug-in for Mozilla Firefox which searches the in.gr dictionary.
2004 Localization (into Greek) of Mambo Content Managent System, Greek translation for Mambo 4.5.1a
Onelook dictionaries search module for Mambo Content Managent System or download them from the Mambo page of this site.

Other Work

2007 June + July. Working at IBM Hellas localizing Eclipse (open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle) using IBM translation manager.
2005 May + June. Working for ORCO localization company in Athens Greece on a major Computer Associates project.
2003 editor and major contributor for Magenta's bidirectional English-Greek Information Technology Dictionary.
1997-now. Working as freelance translator in Athens - collaborating with numerous translation agencies.
2002-onwards Senior Advisor for TelePassport Telecommunications. Member of their Multi Level Marketing (MLM) program. Registered over 100 clients and promoted the company's services.
2002 Developed a course entitled "Information Technology for Translators" for the Athenian Translation School Metafrasi.

This entailed the creation of a syllabus for a 60 hour course including exercizes, the selection of translator-related software and files (including Word-processing software, custom-built Word macros, Proofing Tools, CD ROM dictionaries, Translation Memory software, Terminology Management software, measurement converters, downloadable dictionaries and reference resources, etc), the collection and classification of on-line tutorials and other useful links (in a favorites file) and advice on computer-lab ergonomics.

2001 Founded www.translatum.gr "The Greek translation Vortal" currently (07.07.2008) ranking 53,342 according to Alexa (check rank now).

1999 Founded "Afaton" ("Ineffable") Publications which specialize in
the translation of Eastern Philosophy

1996-7 Worked as a freelance translator in Manchester

1995-6 "Temping" as a data-entry clerk in Manchester
1992-3 Voluntary work as English Teacher to foreigners in Skelmersdale College, Lancashire, England.


Grant from the European Social Fund for the Machine Translation course at UMIST covering fees and maintenance

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