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Monolingual Italian Dictionaries - Buy from: [Amazon] [Amazon UK] 
Dizionario Italiano Oxford Paravia Concise
Garzanti Dizionario della Lingua Italiana
Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle Origini
Dizionario Hoepli
Treccani.it (Italiano, sinonimi, contrari, neologismi)
Dizionario Etimologico (Italiano, sinonimi, contrari, neologismi)
Virgilio (Italiano, sinonimi, contrari)
Sapere.it (Italiano, sinonimi, contrari, neologismi)
 English-Italian Dictionaries  
HarperCollins Italian-English Dictionary (WordReference.com)

HarperCollins English-Italian Dictionary (WordReference.com)

Travlang Italian-English-Italian Dictionary

Italian Dictionary Extensive Italian/English vocabulary with hundreds of words.
Hazon Italian-English Dictionary (you have to register - for free- to use it)
Italian Language Books and Other Resources
Italian <> English Dictionary by Hoepli
Italian <> English Dictionary - Dizionario di Apprendimento della lingua Inglese
 English-Italian Specialty Dictionaries  
World Surfari Italian-English-Italian Dictionary
Italian-English traveler's dictionary (2,200 words)
R-O-Matic Italian-English-Italian Dictionary
English-Italian-English Java Dictionary
English-Italian Musical Instruments Abbreviation List
Hazon (Garzanti) English-Italian-English Dictionary (you have to register for free in order to be able to use it)
Dizionario termini cinematografici italiano-inglese
Dizionario tecnico Inglese-Italiano dei termini fotografici
Italian-English Cooking Glossary
Dizionario gastronomico inglese-italiano
Beekeeper's Italian-English Dictionary
Climbing Dictionary: English - Italian/French
Dizionario Mountain Bike Inglese-Italiano

Legal Dictionary: Italian-English

Financial Terminology Database
English-Italian Idiomatic Expressions
Italian- English Genealogical Dictionary
Legal Dictionary: Italian-English
Law and the Language (4000 law entries in English, Italian, and German)

English-Italian Medical Phrase and Terms

Picture Dictionary: English-Italian
Italian Slang Dictionaries  
Italian Adult Slang An uncensored guide to Italian colloquial expressions, shocking idioms, hard-core curses, scatological words for body functions and parts, expletives, off-color phrases, and euphemisms.
Italian Slang Dictionary Italian jargon, lingo, colloquial expressions, regionalisms, and slang! Language is communication and expression, and the Italian language is certainly vibrant and constantly evolving.
Italian Slang: Le Parolacce It's the dirty little secret of foreign language learning that often takes place by referring to banned books, speaking in hushed tones with a wink and a nod, or cornering someone in the know.
Italian Curse Words A brief list of common Italian vulgarities and foul language. Not for the easily-insulted.
Alternative Italian Dictionary Often vulgar, never dull, this list contains Italian slang and off-color expressions not found in conventional dictionaries.
Turin Criminal Slang Dictionary A brief, annotated dictionary of Piedmontese words and slang expressions employed by criminals and general lowlives.
  Italian-Other Languages Dictionaries and Glossaries
French - Italian dictionary by Hoepli
Spanish - Italian dictionary by Hoepli
Italian - German dictionary by Hoepli
Spanish - Italian dictionary
French - Italian dictionary
Travlang Italian-German-Italian Dictionary

Travlang Italian-Portuguese-Italian Dictionary

Travlang Italian-French-Italian Dictionary

Travlang Italian-Spanish-Italian Dictionary

Travlang Italian-Dutch-Italian Dictionary

Travlang Italian-Swedish-Italian Dictionary

Dizionarietto: Italian-Latino
Dizionario di Virgilio
 Specialty Italian Dictionaries
Dizionario Esoterico
Dizionario della Musica e dei Musicisti
Dizionario dei termini nautici
Furnishings Italian monolingual glossary of furnishing, materials, and design terms
Italian-German Dictionary of Legal and Administrative Terms
Glossario illustrato di archeologia
Glossary of medical terms: Italian
Italian Specialty Dictionaries: Energy, Chemistry, Environment, Oceanography, Investments and Computing.
Glosario de términos petrológicos y geológicos
  Lists of Italian Dictionaries and Glossaries
Italian dictionaries on CD-ROM
Servizi Linguistici di Virgilio 
· Correttore ortografico
· Coniuga i verbi
· Sinonimi e contrari
· Plurali e femminili
· Citazioni e aforismi
· Rime poetiche
· Abbreviazioni e sigle
· Parole straniere di tutti i giorni
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