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Greek translation Greek dictionaries Computer Aided Translation  
Translation Memory Tools, Computer Aided Translation, Other Tools
Download Deja Vu X (DVX) translation memory tool (30-day evaluation version). DVX Pro 990 euros
Download SDL TRADOS Translators' Workbench, TagEditor, MultiTerm, WinAlign, S-Tagger and more! (look under Products->Download Demo Version) Trados and SDLX were merged into one product following the acquisition of Trados by SDL. SDL-Trados 2006 Freelance edition, 716 euros
Download WordFast and WordAlign (popular and moderately priced translation memory program) 180 euros (some poorer countries qualify for 90 euros)
Download MetaTexis. MetaTexis can read and write TRADOS and Wordfast documents . MetaTexis NET/office can even directly use the TRADOS Workbench . Moreover, it can import and export TMX documents . After installing MetaTexis you can start working immediately. The start assistant lets you define the main settings in a few seconds. You only need to run one program you know well: MS Word. Unlike TRADOS you do not have to run several programs at the same time. Unlike DejaVu or SDLX MetaTexis is fully WYSIWYG enabled. Pro version 79 euro, NET/Office version 109 euros
Download Tr-Aid (Translation Memory Tool from the Greek Institute of Language and Speech Processing)
Download Heartsome translation tools
Heartsome Translation Suite, 328 euros
Download Across "The across Personal Edition is designed for stand-alone users and offers complete across translation functionality for all those who work freelance or are solely responsible for localization tasks within a company. "
Personal Edition 22,6 MB, 390 euros +VAT
Download WebBudget. Translates web content.
Supports the most common tagged formats, such as HTML, SGML, XML, ASP, JSP, PHP and variations.
TMX import / export support
Batch conversion of HTML files into RTF coloured files, highlighting the translatable text
Download sites with integrated new Map a site tool. 390 euros  
Download Similis. New translation tool from the French company Lingua et Machina.
The Translation Tool allows you to translate your documents in MS Word in an interactive mode thanks to a new concept which gives you all the benefits of a translation tool without changing your work habits.
The Manager is the command board for Similis. It is connected to at least one Similis Server. It allows you to manage your own projects, translation memories or glossaries as well as align and pre-translate your documents.
The Server assumes all linguistic processes and stores the data (memories, terminology, etc). It operates as a service on the computer on which it has been installed. The user interacts with the Server only when installing it.
Download MemoQ MemoQ is an integrated localization environment
[fully functional Translator Pro edition demo, limited to 90 days, price 399 euro for freelance edition]
Anymem, a user-friendly translation memory software. AnyMem is compact, stable, easy to learn and to use. AnyMem CAT engine fully supports Unicode and can work with any language pair without the need of external components, like .NET Framework or Java Virtual Machine, commonly required by other translation memory software. 89 euro (1 month free trial)
Download Translation Followup, a tool that helps translators follow up on their outstanding receivables.
Download demo and trial versions of MultiTrans (terminology manager) and DoubleVue (translation productivity tool).
Download trial versions of Fortis Translation Suite (machine-assisted translation tool) and TermStar (terminology manager).
Download Ecco by PrimaTrans Software - $450
Download Trans Suite - A translation memory suite
Download Anaphraseus (Wordfast like macro) for Open Office (freeware)
Download OmegaT (freeware, linux, Windows, Mac - written in Java)
Download Transit Satellite PE, the Personal Edition of Transit, Star's machine-assisted translation tool. (also see MultiLing, above)
Download demo versions of TwinBridge Asian language enabling software for Windows and the Internet.
Download a trial version of Transparent Language's machine translation system.
Download a trial version of Word Translator.
Download 15-day trial versions of Language Master and L-Master 98, Trident's English/Russian/Ukranian machine translation systems.
Download AidTrans Studio – translation memory tool, one translation editor for all file formats, translation memory and terminology managers plus useful utilities set. Supports: Ms Office 2007 files (Word, Excel, Power Point), HTML, XML, Trados Ttx, OpenOffice Writer files. TMX import/export support by Tm/Tdb managers. Segmentation and non-translatables expressions processing fully configurable using regular expressions.

Basic Edition – no languages limitation, supports single tm/terminology database in project, free of charge,
Professional Edition – for freelance/corporate translators, fully featured edition with useful utilities set, price: 290 euros,
Enterprise Edition – fully featured edition with utilities set plus network tm and terminology management support, batching files feature, price 580 euros.
Download iFinger, a plug-in that provides dictionary lookup functions from within an Internet browser.
 Localization Software
Download ENLASO Localization Tools (free!):

1. Rainbow 3 and 4 and 5 (Rainbow 5 is now part of Okapi tools - support from the users group).  An ideal utility to prepare files for translation. For example you can add an rtf layer to an html file so that you can translate it in word using Trados.

2. Album. Album provides various functionality to enhance or correct Windows Clipboard. Some of the functions are:
  • Encoding conversion to fix corrupted text copied into the Clipboard in some applications and versions of Windows. For example when copying Russian text from Word to Notepad in Windows 95 and Windows 98.
  • Conversion of numeric character references to raw characters by simply Copy/Paste: very handy to enter Unicode characters by their code.
  • Conversion of URL into Internationalized URL (to support extended characters).
3. Horizon. Horizon is a simple Windows application to visualize the files send for translation. It allows to navigate easily through directory structure, compare source and translate documents, and so forth. Horizon can load pre-defined settings files created by Rainbow .

4. Olifant. Olifant is a translation memory editor. This .NET application allows you to open TMs in different formats to add, delete, or modify the translation units. It offers sorting and filtering mechanisms and many other functions.
Download CatsCradle an easy to use web page editor for professional language translators. Translate whole web-sites without having to worry about page layouts and HTML code, counts words and has a basic translation memory capability.
Features: Extracts all the text that requires translating from a web page, including hidden text, image alt-text etc. Just type your translations along side each line of text in the table.
When done, click 'save' and your translated text is automatically put back into the web page.
Instant preview of original and translated pages in your web browser at any time.
Built in automatic glossary panel suggests words and phrases while you are typing - with a single key press to accept a suggestion. Helps you keep key phrases and terminology consistent throughout a project.
Project Catalogue facility provides a single list of all pages in a project with word counts and translation status to help keep track of progress on larger projects.
Supports .hhc & .hhk help index and contents files - so can be used to translate .chm help files also.
No pre or post processing of files - once translation has finished, you have a complete translated web site Safe: no worrying about fonts, page layout, hyperlinks, html code, or hidden text.

Has a glossary and elementary translation memory function and the files are saved in csv format.

Free to try for 30 days - £39.99 to buy (US $79 • Euros €59)
Download a fully functional evaluation version of the Multilizer localization tool.
Download demo versions of Alchemy CATALYST.
Download Lingobit Localizer - a software localization tool which empowers developers with all the means necessary to localize application: localizability testing, translation reuse, localization outsourcing. With Lingobit Localizer user can change strings, menus, dialogs (text, size and position of every element), bitmaps, icons and other resources. 
Download a demo version of the PASSOLO localization tool.
Download a demo version of Language Studio, a suite of software localization and translation management tools.
Download a demo version of Sisulizer.
Sisulizer can work directly with your C++ Builder, Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java, or Windows binary files, or XLIFF, or with your .NET assembly.

The software works visually with HTML and XML. Sisulizer can also grab text from text files and databases. You determine which Windows resources you want to localize, including icons, menus, dialog boxes, strings, accelerators, versions, and manifest resources.

Sisulizer also operates in the mobile world. The software supports .NET for Smart Devices, Pocket PC, Windows mobile, Symbian, and J2ME. (30 days free trial, normal price 300 USD, discount 150 USD)
Download Java Properties Filter. A COM component implementing the Okapi Filter interface for Java properties files: supports extraction and merge to and from XLIFF as well as Low-Level Extraction and Merge methods to access the filtered text item by item. more information.
Download Waikoloa. From the article in Multilingual Computing & Technology issue 29 and Sykes: an example of a simple translation memory engine, with C++ source code of the engine and a basic user-interface, as well as example files. (v1.00, 1.20 Mb)
Download an evaluation version of the Visual Localize localization tool.
Download RapidTranslation
"RapidTranslation 4.0 is particularly interesting for critical applications where it is unfeasible to simply stop and restart the application to change language the conventional way...
Localization agencies will profit from RapidTranslation's RapidSwitching-technology through faster and improved translation of applications.
For the translator, it is possible to see translations or changes immediately without closing and restarting the application. Also, dialog boxes can be translated and resized to fit the localized text with no effort using the WYSIWYG-dialog-editor"
Download iLocalize - Localization tool for Mac
One localization project can handle multiple languages at the same time as a Cocoa application, it fully supports the Unicode standard multiple projects can be opened at the same time automatic extraction of all strings contained in *.strings and *.nib files incremental merge features (translation and layout) import/export of glossaries in XML or text format glossaries can be created from any *.nib or *.strings file
glossaries can be used to translate multiple *.nib or *.strings files 
Download WebBudget XT - Web site localization tool

Management: Accurate text and image quotations in a snap. Comprehensive text analysis in any language.Fully customizable reporting. "SmartCount" technology for handling delimiters and special cases.

Translation: Easy-to-use integrated translation memory.User-friendly translation interface. Low learning curve. Code-free text extraction and segmentation. Advanced fuzzy logic, including auto-assembling feature TMX import / export support

Compatibility: Supported file formats: HTML, SGML, XML, ASP, JSP, PHP, and most common tagged formats. Support for most common scripting languages, such as javascript, vbscript. Additional compatibility: Support for UTF-8 encoding.
Support for double-byte language
(3.7 MB, 15 days free trial, normal price 395 euro)

Download XSL Template collection. The version 1.1 of a set of XSL templates to execute various tasks. It includes for example: XLIFF to Java properties file conversion, XLIFF to TMX, TMX to tab-delimited, leveraging of existing translation into an XLIFF document, conversion of TMX v1.2 to TMX v1.3 and vice-versa, conversion to UTF-8 encoding for any XML document, etc. more information.
Download Tramigo flash files translation utility .

Tramigo allows you to translate Flash MX SWF files into foreign languages in three simple steps:

  1. Extraction of translatable text from a Flash MX SWF file into a translation project.
  2. Translation of the original text into the desired language. Note that Tramigo is not a machine (automatic) translation tool and you have full control over the quality of translations.
  3. Generation of a new translated SWF file or an external text file with translations that can be loaded at run-time.

Free demo. Full license $95 or €90

Download Caterpillar  

Caterpillar is a high-speed HTML Text Extractor and Integrator written for translators working with web sites. Process whole folders of web pages with a single click, then translate using your choice of software.
By generating a single output file containing all the text requiring translation Caterpillar provides a simple way to incorporate web page localisation into your existing translation work flow. You can tag your exported text (using a macro like this) and translate it with your favourite CAT tool.  Free to try £24.99 to buy

Download Ando tools a free package of MS Word and Excel add-ons designed for translators, proofreaders and localization engineers. [Support from Ando Tools Yahoo! Group ]
  • Searching in segmented documents on criteria for source and target text
  • Consistency analysis, terminology verification against glossary, ability to filter translation units and propagate changes (powered by Excel)
  • Marking problematic points, their commenting, reviewing and reporting
  • Marking and finding end of work in documents, pasting as plain text
  • Support for multiple documents: easy searching, replacing and saving
  • Convenient usage of automatic corrections to save typing
  • Tools for Wordfast/Trados documents: segmentation check, insertion of styles, finalizing documents, effective language setting; enhanced Trados behavior (clipboard respect, move to previous translation unit, etc).
  • Important translation-related information at hand
  • Special operations: converting corrupted characters, parenthetical translations and index entries


 Reviews of Translation Memory & Localization Software
Translatum Recommends: Bert Esselink, A Practical Guide to Localization (John Benjamins Publishing Company)
Amazon US | Amazon UK
Review of Trados, Star, SDLX, IBM
Comparing Tools Used in Software Localization: Trados, Catalyst, Passolo, RC-WinTrans, STAR Transit
Review of Trados, Star Transit, Atril Deja Vu, IBM TM/2
Review of Atril's Deja Vu 2 from accurapid
Review of Atril's Deja Vu X by Michael Benis (pdf / 1271 KB)
Good, Fast, Cheap: Translation Memory Systems Offer the Potential for All Three - Deborah S. Ray and Eric J. Ray
Overview of Translation Memories - Andres Heuberger
The Importance of TMX for Translation Tool Buyers - Brian M. Briggs
Advantages and Disadvantages of Translation Memory: A Cost/Benefit Analysis - Lynn E. Webb
Aitor Medrano - MetaTexis, la alternativa asequible  
Clove Lynch - MetaTexis .0999g, Multilingual Computing & Technologie #47, March 2002
CAT tool comparison at ProZ.com
RC-WinTrans 6.01 Tool for localizing Windows applications is user friendly and well thought out
OmegaT an open source TM tool for Windows/Mac/Linux  by Marc Prior (OmegaT has been
considerably improved since this review)
Introducing "King Memo" (David vs. the Goliaths?) King Memo is a free Translation memory tool
Translation Technology Failures and Future, Timothy Hunt, TermSeek Inc.
Because of improvements in technology designers, graphic artists, accountants and many other professionals can accomplish in an hour what used to take them a day. In other words, technology has improved their performance by as much as 800% and it has improved the quality of their work at the same time.
So why don't we see 800% performance gains in the translation industry?
Suzanne Assenat-Falcone, More Translation Memory Tools (Deja Vu, Trados, Ecco), from accurapid journal.
TMX - Lisa.org Translation Memory Exchange - plenty of articles and info.
The purpose of TMX is to allow easier exchange of translation memory data between tools and/or translation vendors with little or no loss of critical data during the process.
Heartsome review in Multilingual Computing (pdf)
Help for Translation Memory Tools - SDL-Trados
Official SDL-Trados support
Yahoo TW users newsgroup
Trados Knowledge Base
Trados support forum at proz (moderated by an extremely helpful guy- Ralf Lemster)
SDL-Trados support group at translatum (English and Greek)
Yahoo SDLX newsgroup
Help for Translation Memory Tools - Metatexis
Metatexis yahoo newsgroup
Metatexis forum at proz
Metatexis forum at translatum (English and Greek)
Help for Translation Memory Tools - Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu mailing list - Déjà Vu newsgroups ( DV3 or DVX )
Working with Déjà Vu - The richest page with Déjà Vu tricks and resources including Editing Trados files in DV , Importing a Trados Memory into DV , Formatting a DV exported file as an uncleaned Trados file , Setting up a Trados Project in DVX
Deja Vu-Trados Compatibility Guide by Atril Download as doc
Déjà Vu support forum at proz
Déjà Vu support forum at translatum (English and Greek)
Help for Translation Memory Tools - Wordfast
Main English-speaking group at yahoo
List of Wordfast mailing lists in other languages, including Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Greek, Russian and Lusophone.
Wordfast Knowledge Base
Wordfast support forum at proz
Wordfast support forum at translatum (English and Greek)
Help for other Translation Tools
Enlaso and Okapi users group (Rainbow, Olifant, Album)
Support for Ando tools from Ando Tools Yahoo! Group
Support forum for CAT tools at translatorscafe
Translation Memory Editors
Download Olifant

Olifant is a Windows application that offers an interface to edit translation memory fields in various format, so you can add, delete and modify translation units and their meta-data. Olifant is freely available.

Some of Olifant functionalities are:

  • Conversion between formats with minimal lost.
  • Merging of several TMs together.
  • Management of attribute fields and their optional pick-lists.
  • The TM can be viewed with filtering and sorting options.
  • Easy identification of duplicates.
  • Possibility to export only a sub-set of the TM.
  • Flagging mechanism for easy manipulation of groups of translation units.
  • Search and replace function (including using regular expressions).
  • SQL queries, and filtering mechanism to display only a sub-set of the translation units.
  • Fonts and colors customization.
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