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Answers.com (English-Greek search)
Microsoft glossaries (English-Greek search)
Teleterm (English, French to Greek telecommunications glossary)
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Webster's Online Dictionary
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Inforterm (English, French to Greek computers glossary)
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Iate Multilingual dictionary (default search English-Greek)
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English <> Greek dictionary by wordreference
Ελληνική γραμματική και κλήση των λέξεων (Neurolingo)
Αγγλοελληνικό Λεξικό Γεωργακά (Μόνο όσες λέξεις ξεκινούν από α) [Πατάτε Enter για αναζήτηση]
Ελληνικό λεξικό Τριανταφυλλίδη [Πατάτε Enter για αναζήτηση]
Greek-English Dictionary of Medical Terminology
English-Greek Dictionary of Medical Terminology
Greeklish converter
Antilexico (Greek synonyms)
European Community and other corpora by webitext
Onelook.com (English monolingual)
Greek terminology Google searches
Greek-English-Greek Dictionary of Chemical Terms (log in necessary to search)
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