computation offloading -> υπολογιστική αποφόρτωση, μετατόπιση υπολογιστικού φόρτου, μεταβίβαση υπολογιστικού φόρτου, υπολογιστική εκφόρτωση


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computation offloading -> μεταβίβαση υπολογιστικού φόρτου, υπολογιστική εκφόρτωση

In computer science, computation offloading refers to the transfer of resource intensive computational tasks to an external platform, such as a cluster, grid, or a cloud. Offloading may be necessary due to hardware limitations of a devices, such as limited computational power, storage, and energy. The resource intensive tasks may be for searching, virus scanning, image processing, artificial intelligence, computational decision making etc.

The term is mainly used in context of mobile cloud computing, edge computing, and fog computing.
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