massification -> μαζοποίηση, μαζικοποίηση


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massification -> μαζοποίηση, μαζικοποίηση
demassification -> απομαζοποίηση, διάσπαση της μάζας, αποσυγκέντρωση, κατακερματισμός

The process of bringing something to a mass audience.
(grammar) Conversion of a count noun to a mass noun.
massification - Wiktionary

Massification is a strategy that some luxury companies use in order to attain growth in the sales of product. Some luxury brands have taken and used the concept of massification to allow their brands to grow to accommodate a broader market. As a method of implementing massification, companies have created diffusion lines. Diffusion lines are an offshoot of a company or a designers original line that is less expensive in order to reach a broader market and gain a wider consumer base. Another strategy used in massification is brand extensions, which is when an already established company releases a new product under their name.
Massification - Wikipedia


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