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Title: How much to charge?
Post by: Leon on 08 Sep, 2010, 23:52:12
After translating a website for a company seeking to spread its wings abroad, I've now been asked by them to guide them (presumably over the phone) vis-à-vis where to put each of the translated files, as they're all in Greek and they're worried that they'll get it all muddled up if they attempt it themselves.

The problem is... I haven't the faintest clue what to charge for this service! I don't know where to start (the beginning sounds wise, but somewhat intangible at the moment!). Could somebody help me out? It would be massively appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.
Title: Re: How much to charge?
Post by: Vion on 09 Sep, 2010, 08:56:20
Website translation is most often done by translating the web pages directly, preserving the code, (e.g. html) and delivering in the original format.
Under the circumstances, and assuming that this is not possible,  I would say to do a mock-up (screenshot) of each page and assign a tag to each line or paragraph, referencing a second file with the translations. I don't think any substantial additional charge over the translation rate agreed upon would be warranted. -Hope that helps :-)