Greek translators for open source programs wanted (Decathlon).

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I found your profile details at as Greek translator, and I was wondering if you would be willing to participate in our volunteer translation project, Decathlon.  We need volunteer translators from all over the world to translate up to ten or more opensource programs into their languages.

I understand that as a professional translator you are probably very busy, and I respect that.  However, if you know of people in your language who might be interested, could you please tell them about the project and encourage them to participate.  We always appreciate the help of professional translators, but our project is also designed for amateur or academic translators.

Our project has the following aims:

—To create or assist language communities to translate software
—To promote languages by making software available in those languages

There is no minimum commitment.  We hope to translate at least one computer program per month.  The programs we choose usually contain between 2000 and 4000 words, and it is possible for multiple translators to work together on a single project.  There are no deadlines either, so this is truly a translation project in which you should feel welcome to give as much or as little as you have time for.

This month we're translating Art of Illusion, which is a graphics program.

Other programs we have lined up are FreeMind (a mindmapper), 7-zip (an archive utility), FileZilla (an FTP client), TuxGuitar (a score editor), Tux Paint (a children's drawing program), VLC (a video and music player), and Speedcrunch (a scientific calculator).

All translations are done in our web-based translations system, Pootle.
Our Pootle server is here (not all languages listed there are active yet, and some languages we target are not listed yet either).

The value of Pootle is that a team of translators can work together on a single file.  Pootle also has quality checking features.  If there are young translators in the team, their rights can optionally be limited to suggesting translations, but this depends on the dynamics of each team.

If you're using FireFox, you may be able to use a free built-in spell-checker.


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