Proz job: Volunteer translation of opensource media player (English to Greek and other languages)

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Job: Volunteer translation of opensource media player

Job type: Translation/editing/proofing job

Languages: English to Bengali, English to Catalan, English to Chinese, English to Danish, English to Greek, English to Norwegian, English to Tetum, English to Tagalog, English to Turkish

Job description:

    The Decathlon opensource volunteer translation project aims to get ten programs translated into a variety of languages. This project is an initiative of the South African non-profit localisation organisation,, and is supported by a grant from the Open Society Institute.

    We are currently looking for translators in all languages willing to donate some of their time to help translate VLC, a free sound and video player. Previous versions of VLC has been translated into several languages, but we would like to encourage volunteers to bring the translation up to date for the current version.

    The Decathlon is not affiliated to VLC. Our modus operandi is to promote languages through localisation of software, in particular opensource software. VLC is an opensource media player.

    The source word count is about 30 000 words, but we've split up the translation into smaller files. Ideally, we would like to see the GUI (graphical user interface) translated, which is about 7 000 words. We hope that several translators in each language will work together to bring the translations up to date.

    The translation is to be done in our web-based translation system, Pootle. In this system, certain translators can be given admin access so that they can exercise a degree of control over inexperienced translators and non-professional translators. Experienced users can also download and upload files, for offline translation or use of translation memory tools.

    This invitation is posted to translators in languages of VLC that has not been updated since December 2006. Translators in any other language are also welcome to join the effort.
    Source format: Other
    Gettext PO, using online translation system
    Delivery format: Other
    Gettext PO, using online translation system

Volume and pricing:

    7000 words
    Payment method: Other
    Further payment details This is a volunteer job for a non-profit organisation -- no payment is offered.

Service provider targeting (specified by job poster):

    Subject field: Media / Multimedia
    Quoting deadline: 5:00pm Aug 30, 2008
    Delivery deadline: 5:00pm Sep 30, 2008

For more information, see:

Contact method:

About the outsourcer:

   Job posted by:
Samuel Murray
Contact person: Samuel Murray
Non-profit organization
Address: Wenning Street, Groenkloof, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0001
Country: South Africa
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