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Hi! I volunteer at the freelang ( website, answering to occasional requests for translation into Greek of short phrases. Recently, however, I received a larger request from the developer of an Android app. He writes.

"I am an Android App Developer from the U.S.  I have developed a free Android App that is available through the Google Play Store that helps new moms keep track of their baby's activities.  My goal is to help as many moms as possible.  The app is actually quite popular in the U.S. and Russia, averaging about 150 downloads per day over the past week. 

I'm hoping to get my app translated into Greek to help moms who don't speak English.  Since the app is free, I'm unable to pay a professional to translate it for me.  The app is approximately 1400 words."

This is bigger than the usual requests that I receive, and besides I neither have experience with newborn babies, nor actually great familiarity with the Greek terminology of apps or computers.

You can have a look at the text at, where I just started translating some of the easier parts.

I understand that in this forum one can requests translations of specific words, but is there any mom here that would like to contribute? Maybe she might also want to download the free app to have better understanding of what is requested.



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