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I'm Dominique Thillaud, a French searcher in religion and epic comparativisme between Ancient Greek and Sanskrit (ancient language of India). I speek etsi ketsi the Modern Greek and I'm interrested to find light footprints of the ancient civilization in the modern one.


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Hello, everyone!  I am also new.  My name is Kate, and I currently attend university in Washington, USA.  My main interest is in ancient Greek as used to write the Christian New Testament.  I usually study by keyword (i.e. I have no understanding of grammar whatsoever), and have considered taking a course next fall.  If anyone feels like talking about the Septuagint, you will make me very happy!


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Hi Dominique, 

Is MENEGOS one of your family name?
I am researching the family name MENEGOS.

CWO3 James M. Menegos US Army, ret.
McDonough, GA, USA

I live south of Atlanta, GA, USA.


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Hi!I am also a new member.I studied translation a few years ago and I recently work as an English teacher!I hope one day to practise the profession of translator!nice to have joined your group!



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  • Vicky Papaprodromou
Welcome to Translatum, everybody.

I hope you all enjoy it here.:-)
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