Pfeiffer-Syndrom → σύνδρομο Pfeiffer, σύνδρομο Πφάιφερ


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Pfeiffer-Syndrom → σύνδρομο Pfeiffer, σύνδρομο Πφάιφερ

Pfeiffer syndrome is a rare genetic disorder characterized by the premature fusion of certain bones of the skull (craniosynostosis) which affects the shape of the head and face. In addition, the syndrome includes abnormalities of the hands (such as wide and deviated thumbs) and feet (such as wide and deviated big toes).
Pfeiffer syndrome - Wikipedia

ar: متلازمة فايفر; de: Pfeiffer-Syndrom; el: σύνδρομο του Πφάιφερ; en: Pfeiffer syndrome; es: síndrome de Pfeiffer; fr: syndrome de Pfeiffer; id: sindrom Pfeiffer; it: sindrome di Pfeiffer; kk: пфайффер синдромы; nl: syndroom van Pfeiffer; pl: zespół Pfeiffera; pt: síndrome de Pfeiffer; ru: синдром пфайффера; sv: Pfeiffers syndrom; tr: Pfeiffer sendromu; uk: синдром пфайффера; vi: hội chứng Pfeiffer


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