Gender changer / cross over the DDC connections

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Φοβάμαι ότι εάν το πούμε κάτι στο στυλ των "προσαρμογέας αλλαγής φύλου", "εναλλάκτης φύλου" μπορεί να έχουμε λίγο... τρανσέξουαλ συνεκδοχές και από όσο είδα στο Διαδίκτυο δεν βρήκα κάποια μετάφρασή του.

We recommend you do not use cable end adapters or gender changers as these sometimes miss out or cross over the DDC connections.

DDC = data display channel
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Είναι δηλαδή προσαρμογέας αρσενικού (βύσματος) σε θηλυκό και τούμπαλιν. Να προτείνω προσαρμογέας αρσενικού-θηλυκού (βύσματος);

Παραθέτω την εγγραφή από τη Wikipedia, που την έγραψε κάποιος με κέφι:

Gender changer
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
This article is about the hardware device and is not to be confused with sexual reassignment surgery.
A gender changer is a hardware device placed between two cable connectors of the same type and gender. An example is a cable connector shell with either two female or two male connectors on it (male-to-male or female-to-female), used to correct the mismatches that result when interconnecting two devices or cables with the same gender of connector. It is used especially for RS-232C ports in either the original DB-25 or the IBM AT DE-9 format.

Alternative names for a gender changer are "gender bender", "gender blender", "gender mender" and "sex changer". It is sometimes called "homosexuality adapter", however, there appears to be some confusion as to whether a 'male homosexual adapter' has pins on both sides (is doubly male) or sockets on both sides (connects two males, thereby allowing a "male-male relationship"). Therefore, there seems to be good reason, even aside from professionalism, to avoid this particular term. Technically speaking a genderchanger is a small device or adaptor that changes the "sex" of computer cables. It has two sides with holes or two sides with pins, making any connection between port and computercable a possibility. The holes are female and the pins are male.
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