leak before press (LBP) → διαρροή πριν το σφίξιμο, διαρροή προ πίεσης;


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leak before press (LBP)

With our LBP function (Leak Before Press) there is no problem with a connection that may not be pressed incorrectly - this is indicated by a leak during installation with water, even before the pressure test.

Press fittings for multilayer pipe of line SAFE_PRESS are equipped with LEAK BEFORE PRESS (LBP) system to detect water leak when the fitting is not pressed. This allows the plumber to easily detect the improper installation and eventually react promptly.
Multijaws radial press fittings with Leak Before Press system | General Fittings
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Αναγκαστικά θα πας σε κατά λέξη μετάφραση, δηλαδή κάτι του τύπου «διαρροή πριν την πίεση/την άσκηση πίεσης».
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