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Title: Τουριστική Συνείδηση (by F.)
Post by: Frederique on 25 Apr, 2011, 18:25:12
Τουριστική Συνείδηση

Easter Sunday, midday, roughly 3:30 in the afternoon, Vion had gone out to buy a magazine – a difficult thing considering the day and time. As he walked along a deserted and empty Kifissias Avenue, he became aware of a car slowing and pulling up behind him. A dark complexioned man with sunglasses smiled and greeted him from within, the man’s wife at the wheel and two kids in the back seat.
“Excuse me sir, do you speak English?” The man smiled and produced a wallet as Vion said yes.
“I am a tourist and looking for a place to change currency. Please, could you tell me where I might find a place?”
“Unfortunately, you won’t find any place here to change money today.” Vion responded, “Your best bet would be at the airport, as even the usual money changers in central Athens are probably closed right now.”
Hmm, could you tell me then, how many drachmas would I get for one hundred dollars?” The man gestured to the bills in his wallet.
“Drachmas? I think you mean Euros sir.” Vion answered, “Greece hasn’t used drachmas in over ten years.”