Building a searchable online French Greek parallel corpus for the University of Cyprus


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This paper gives an overview of the searchable online French-Greek parallel corpus (SOURCe), which aims to serve the needs of students of French as a foreign language and also to facilitate future linguistic research. This project is led by Fryni Kakoyianni-Doa and is fully funded by the University of Cyprus. We included different registers (Biber 1993), so that students may compare the results and the use of each word or phrase in different contexts (e.g., literature, scientific, official, technical and journalistic language). In general, the corpus comprises of a fiction and a non-fiction part. In this article, we describe the design principles and the properties of this French and Greek linguistically annotated corpus, we also report on tools used for the collection, sentence and word alignment, dictionary extraction and POS tagging for the parallel corpus. Finally, we outline its future perspectives and applications, including ongoing work on adverbs and their properties.
Keywords: parallel corpus, teaching French, data driven learning (DDL)
Expressions parenthétiques dans un corpus parallèle français-grec : les adverbiaux de conviction personnelle
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