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If you want to automatically add a link to a forum topic, board, category or search query, you can use the format:

[[t:341832]] (Topic id, you can find it at the end of the topic URL you do not need the .0 bit) of a format like: ...topic=341832.0) or for large topic IDs, that is over 20000, you can omit the "t:" bit altogether and just enter the number.
[[s:mylookup]] (just enter your search word or search phrase where you see "mylookup")
[[b:11]] (board id number, from forum index, put the mouse over the board name and at the end of the URL you will see a number, i.e. 11 in this ...index.php?board=11.0
[[c:1]] (category id number)

The link is not added with quick edit (via the Modify Inline icon or pencil icon on the bottom, so you need to use the Modify button).


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