Aussie -> Αυστραλός, Αυστραλή, Αυστραλέζος, Αυστραλέζα, αυστραλέζικος, αυστραλέζικη, αυστραλέζικο, αυστραλιανός, αυστραλιανή, αυστραλιανό


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Aussie -> Αυστραλός, Αυστραλή, Αυστραλέζος, Αυστραλέζα

Also see Down Under and Aussie kiss.

Aussie is Australian slang for an Australian.
In Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Ireland, the word is pronounced /ˈɒzi/ oz-ee (Australian English [ˈɔzi]), with a /z/ sound; however, in the United States and Canada, it is most often pronounced /ˈɔːsi/ aw-see with an /s/ sound. Pronouncing the word with an /s/ in place of the /z/ is considered by Australians to be a canonically American error—similar to pronouncing the last syllables of Melbourne and Brisbane as "born" and "bane", respectively, rather than with a reduced vowel.

a guy from Australia
(ausies are the sickest cunts in the world)
"whats that guy smoking"
"Dont worry hes just an ausie there all crazy


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