repository fork → διπλότυπο αποθετηρίου δεδομένων


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repository → αποθετήριο δεδομένων
A central storage location that stores specific data, such as files under source control, container images, and so on.

repository fork → διπλότυπο αποθετηρίου δεδομένων
A copy of a repositoryασφαλές αποθετήριο δεδομένωνThe software module responsible for authenticating the valid use of protected content and protecting trusted software processing from modification and observation.

solution repository → αποθετήριο λύσεων
A deployment-wide container of solutions that can be deployed in multiple organizations.

CIM Object Manager repository → αποθετήριο διαχείρισης αντικειμένων CIM
A central storage area, managed by the CIM Object Manager, where defined objects, such as static class definitions and instances that are used to access and manipulate system management information, are stored.
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