Cpanel / WHM / Apache error log locations/paths

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When using PHP and Apache you would have three main error log files. The Apache (webserver) error log can be found within:


The site/application error log can be found within:


The above is for errors that are coming from the PHP application itself, for example, issues with the code or syntax.

The final error log is for PHP-FPM in general, in here you can find issues with max_children or errors with the service itself:


Make sure to replace ea-php$$ with the actual PHP version you are running, for example, ea-php73 for PHP 7.3 version.

For more information on log files and PHP-FPM, please visit the following links:

The cPanel Log Files - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation
PHP-FPM - Version 80 Documentation - cPanel Documentation
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