Download Cumulative Updates for SDL Trados Studio 2015

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Download Cumulative Updates for SDL Trados Studio 2015

Cumulative Update 1 (released on 17 August 2015)

This cumulative update (CU) includes all previous cumulative updates for SDL Trados Studio 2015 and the following enhancements and hotfixes:
This update ensures full compatibility with SDL Studio GroupShare 2015. It is important to install CU1 to fully benefit from the enhancements in SDL Studio GroupShare 2015. Also, be sure to apply SDL MultiTerm 2015 CU1 at the same time as updating Studio.
This update contains fully localized Korean, Russian and Italian user interface languages.
Spaces were not added between sentences in target files when translating from Japanese to English. This issue was fixed.
After linking a server-based translation memory to another organization, it was not available in SDL Trados Studio. This issue was fixed.
When performing a concordance search with Korean as source language the An error has occurred whilst using the translation provider <TM_Name> Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Ics error was displayed. This does not happen anymore.
Enhanced the update logic in translation memory: segments with tags no longer overwrite existing translation units without tags.
Fixed an issue whereby SDL WorldServer packages with file types removed from Studio 2015 could no longer be opened in Studio 2015.
Enhanced word counting: Subscript words separated by dashes from non-formatted words are no longer counted as a single word.
Fixed an issue in TM matching where exact matches may not be found when the TM contains a large number of segments with only one number in the source segment and number recognition was deactivated.
Fixed an user interface issue in the Upgrade Translation Memories wizard.
Fixes and enhancements related to file format handling in SDL Trados Studio:
FrameMaker MIF: Fixed formatting tags breaking conditional tags and causing tag ID inconsistency.
FrameMaker MIF: Fixed the Failed to save target content: The 'para' start tag on line X position Y does not match the end tag of 'cf'. Line X, position Y error.
FrameMaker MIF: Fixed the Failed to save source content: The 'para' start tag on line X position Y does not match the end tag of 'cf' error when saving source or target after splitting segments.
XLIFF: Enhanced saving target files when segments have comments.
XLIFF: Fixed the Failed to save target content: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute error.
XLIFF: Fixed issues related to self closing mrk tag which were recognized as a tag pair in the editor and only a closing tag was created in the target file, corrupting it.
Bilingual Excel: Enhanced logic in the user interface for this new file type.
Bilingual Excel: Saving a file when the target file name is the same as the source file name did not work. This issue was fixed.
PDF: Saving target files when the target language was set to a double-byte language threw the The context list is null. Could not get the last child error. This was fixed.
XML: DITA 1.2 v Enhanced whitespace normalization in DITA files.
PPTX: Text was missing in the target when there was a hidden group of objects after other text. This issue was fixed.
Custom XML file types: Fixed the The document cannot be processed since it contains unexpected contents error.

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Cumulative Updates for SDL Trados Studio 2015


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