Word in Office 365 having a slow and cumbersome spell check feature called Editor. How to go back.


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Office 365 having a slow and cumbersome spell check feature called "Editor". How to go back.

Looks like this is not the first time Microsoft downgrades its Office/Word features by offering new iterations with... reduced functionality.

Take for example the new Editor (which replaces spell check, and yes, you can still access it with F7). The workflow is slow and hardly intuitive (for example no easy way to work on it mouse-free using keyboard shortcuts). There is hope however. Just use this macro and F7 will run the old spell check.

Code: [Select]
Sub ToolsProofing() 'SpellCheckDocumentClassic()  Intercepts F7 keyboard shortcut
    'Charles Kenyon  26 February 2019
    If Application.Version < "16.0" Then
    End If
End Sub

Some references

One good thing about it though, the "Add to AutoCorrect" option which disappeared in Word 2013 has been added again.

The first screen shows modern "Editor" functionality and the second screen shows how it works after the macro. The third screen shows the Add to AutoCorrect functionality.
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