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archaeobotany → αρχαιοβοτανική, παλαιοεθνοβοτανική

Paleoethnobotany (sometimes spelled palaeoethnobotany), or archaeobotany, is the study of past human-plant interactions through the recovery and analysis of ancient plant remains. Both terms are synonymous, though paleoethnobotany (from the Greek words palaios [παλαιός] meaning ancient, ethnos [έθνος] meaning race or ethnicity, and votano [βότανο] meaning plants) is generally used in North America and acknowledges the contribution that ethnographic studies have made towards our current understanding of ancient plant exploitation practices, while the term archaeobotany (from the Greek words archaios [αρχαίος] meaning ancient and votano) is preferred in Europe and emphasizes the discipline's role within archaeology.
Paleoethnobotany - Wikipedia

be: археабатаніка; bg: археоботаника; ca: arqueobotànica; cs: archeobotanika; de: Archäobotanik; en: paleoethnobotany; es: paleoetnobotánica; fa: باستان‌مردم‌گیاه‌شناسی; fr: archéobotanique; hy: հնաբուսաբանություն; it: paletnobotanica; mk: археоботаника; nl: archeobotanie; pl: archeobotanika; pt: paleoetnobotânica; sq: paleoetnobotanika; sr: археоботаника; sv: arkeobotanik; uk: палеоетноботаніка
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