Some Helpful Tools (PrintFolder, SetFileDate, ScreenGrab, Windows Installer Clean Up utility)

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Copying from the 94th Tool Kit - Standard Edition by Jost Zetzsche (

Some Helpful Tools

Several months ago, Lee Wright sent me the link to which contains a list of a number of helpful freeware tools. For each of these features there are also a great number of other tools with similar functionality or completely different approaches, but these still look like great free tools.

PrintFolder is a little tool that allows you to print or save a list of files located in any folder. This is nice if you need to verify a list of translatable files, or if you would like to have a hard copy of a list that you can manually check off file by file.

SetFileDate can be used to alter the time and date of one or more selected files or folders -- great if you would prefer your clients not to know that you worked on their files until the early morning.

And ScreenGrab is a screenshot program. There are many, many other programs that do the same thing -- and possibly in a more advanced fashion -- but this one is for free and that's hard to beat.

Here is another tool that is also free and really saved me recently: The Windows Installer Clean Up utility is a free download from Microsoft that fixes errors that may have been caused by an erroneous installation which could, for instance, result in your inability to uninstall the application again. You can find good information and the download links at

And while we're talking about Windows, is a great site where you can compare all kinds of things regarding Windows with their counterparts on the Mac. Though it's not 100% objective (it tends to be Mac-biased), it is still an interesting site. I don't need to mention that this site does not deal with translation-related issues, such as support for TEnTs (the very reason why I mostly deal with Windows), but still it's fun and interesting to walk through.

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