Alexandria, 641 A.D. (Jorge Luis Borges)


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Μήπως έχει κάποιος από σας μετάφρασή του;

Since the first Adam who beheld the night
And the day and the shape of his own hand,
Men have made up stories and have fixed
In stone, in metal, or on parchment
Whatever the world includes or dreams create.
Here is the fruit of their labor: the Library. (...)
The faithless say that if it were to burn,
History would burn with it.  They are wrong.
Unceasing human work gave birth to this
Infinity of books.  If of them all
Not even one remained, man would again
Beget each page and every line.
Never explain yourself to anyone. Because the person who likes you, doesn't need it, and the person who dislikes you, won't believe it.


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