Volunteers Needed: TED Open Translation Project (Coming Soon)

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Volunteers Needed: TED Open Translation Project

Julia Levitt
April 26, 2009 10:01 AM

TED has already proven itself an invaluable resource in the English-speaking world. Now it's about to unveil a new project that will catapult its archive of mind-bending talks to a new global public. Through the TED Open Translation Project, volunteers will be able to translate approved transcripts of their favorite talks into their native language. Approved translations will become available to the public – free as always – as subtitles to accompany each talk.

TED worked with partners at dotSUB, a user-generated, wiki-type tool for translating subtitles for documentaries and other video content, to develop the Open Translation Project. The crowd-sourced model allows TED to continue its support of open-source solutions. But more importantly, says June Cohen of TED Media, it will extend the reach of the project beyond "a handful of major languages … This approach is scalable, and -- importantly -- allows speakers of less-dominant languages an equal opportunity to spread ideas within their communities and in their native tongues."

When the project launches officially a few weeks from now, the site will include 250 complete translations by volunteer translators representing more than 30 languages.

The newly published transcripts of each talk – available in English and any language that volunteers have added -- will also make it possible for the first time to search for specific words and phrases within a TEDTalk.

If any multilingual Worldchangers want to translate Alex Steffen's TED talk, we'd greatly appreciate your help!

Source: http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/009791.html

Η αρθρογράφος, σε ερώτησή μου σχετικά με το που πάμε για να γραφτούμε, απάντησε ότι δεν έχει ανοίξει ακόμα ο ιστότοπος για το έργο αυτό και άλλαξε τον τίτλο του άρθρου της σε "Coming Soon: TED Open Translation Project". Παραθέτω ακολούθως την ερώτησή μου και την απάντησή της...

Where would translators go to undertake their favorite TED segment translation?
Posted by: Valentini Mellas on April 26, 2009 12:39 PM

Valentini, the TED Open Translation Project hasn't yet officially launched -- it still has a few more weeks to go. We will post an update with instructions for volunteer translators when we know the project is ready to accept your help. (I've also re-titled this post to make it less confusing.) Thanks for your interest!
Posted by: Julia on April 26, 2009 2:55 PM"
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I´d be delighted to help you with translating into Spanish, which is my native language since I am Argentinian and I live in Buenos Aires.
Please, feel free to contact me: valmule AT hotmail.com
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