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Hello everybody,
I am planning to do a website oriented around my friends and me and I'd like a transliteration (I believe that is how you call it) of revolution, rebellion, uprising to English characters for the domain name. If there are multiple variants, I'd be interested in both the simplest and the most faithful version. Thanks in advance!
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  • Vicky Papaprodromou
revolution = επανάσταση (epanastasi)

rebellion = ανταρσία, εξέγερση, επανάσταση (antarsia, exegersi, epanastasi)

uprising = εξέγερση, ξεσηκωμός (exegersi, xesikomos)
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The English like the older endings in the Greek words as, after all, English has absorbed many of those words with those endings, e.g. exegesis. Therefore, as these are not words of the demotic, I believe they would look better with the -is endings.


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