Recommend Greek books that will improve Greek, such as ones that have passages of Greek with English translation

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Έλαβα αυτό το μήνυμα:

My name is Panos Aristotelous, I have a basic grasp of modern Greek, such that I can read it well and know some words, I am not fluent which is my aim, I am not confident at speaking Greek. I need to read and write out passages every day and slowly I will start to remember the Greek words and improve my sentence construction. I don’t have any qualifications in Greek, but I did study it when I was a child, so I know the alphabet and how to read Greek, and basic sentence construction. I was wondering if you could recommend some Greek books that will improve my Greek, such as ones that have passages of Greek with English translation. I will thus copy this out and it should help me. Preferably the passages will initially be easy and slowly get harder. I have some Greek book but there are no English translations, looking up each word does take along time. I will start doing that way. I plan to right some passages every day and i should start to get more confident, little and often kind of thing. Any other advice on the best way to self learn would be mush appreciated.


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In the meantime, here's something in the public domain. A bit of translation I did some time ago, an unfinished product, but properly formatted for Panos's needs.
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