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what's new → τι νέα, τι λέει, τι παίζει, πώς πάει, τι χαμπάρια

(idiomatic) The latest developments in a particular situation or a person's life.
We send out a newsletter to our clients every week to tell them what's new in the company.
(informal) An informal greeting asking the other person what has recently happened in their life. A typical response might be "Not much; you?". The greeting is not always literal and may just be used to say hello.
Synonyms: hello, hi, what's up
(rhetorical question, idiomatic) A rhetorical request for some real news, on hearing a report that was not news because it represents a continuing predictable and unsatisfactory situation.
Synonym: what else is new
You're still having problems with that idiot you employed last year? So, what's new?
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