liquid air -> υγρός αέρας


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liquid air -> υγροποιημένος αέρας

Liquid air is air that has been cooled to very low temperatures (cryogenic temperatures), so that it has condensed into a pale blue mobile liquid. To thermally insulate it from room temperature, it is stored in specialized containers (vacuum insulated flasks are often used). Liquid air can absorb heat rapidly and revert to its gaseous state. It is often used for condensing other substances into liquid and/or solidifying them, and as an industrial source of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and other inert gases through a process called air separation.
wikipedia: liquid air

English: liquid air; Danish: flydende luft; Greek: υγρός αέρας; Spanish: aire líquido; Finnish: nestemäinen ilma; French: air liquide; Italian: aria liquida; Dutch: vloeibare lucht; Portuguese: ar líquido; Swedish: flytande luft
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