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Για πιστούς και άπιστους.

Birkbeck College in conjuction with the Institut Francais orrganize:
Adieu Derrida A series of lectures in commemoration of Jacques Derrida.
What is the responsibility of thought today? Ethical and political responsibility calls for reflection, for determinate knowledge, and for practical norms. But there is no decision or responsibility, no ethics or politics, without an interruption of reflection, without the urgency of the response to the other and the openess of the event. Jacques Derrida, philosopher, public intellectual, dissident, poet prophet of a democracy and a justice "to come", adieu.
"Only the impossible can arrive"
Jacques Derrida
Some of the greatest contemporary thinkers come together to celebrate the work of Jacques Derrida and consider the role of the public intellectual.

Date                    Speaker and title

Friday, 6 May            Jean-Luc Nancy Mad Derrida
                                Hills Miller The Late Derrida
                               Brunei Gallery Soas  6.30pm

Wednesday, 11 may   Jacques Ranciere
                               Does "Democracy" mean Something?
                               La Lumier Cinema, French Institute 6.00pm

Wednesday, 18 May    Gayatri Spivak
                                Responsibility and Remembering
                                Birkbec, Clore B01 6.00pm

Friday, 20 May            Slavoj Zizek
                                Respect for otherness? No thanks
                                Birkbec, Clore B01 6.00pm

Friday, June 3              Ettiene Balibar
                                Constructions and Deconstructions of the Universal
                                La Lumier Cinema, French Institute 6.00pm

Friday, June 10           Alain Badiou
                                The passion for Inexistence
                                Birkbec, Clore B01 6.00pm

Friday, June 17            Drucilla Cornell
                                 Who bears the Right to Die
                                Birkbec, Clore B01 6.00pm

If you would like to book places for this series of lectures pleas contact:
Bonnie Garnett
Centre for the Advanced Studies in the Humanities.
Birkbeck, University of London
Male Street,
London, WC1E 7HT.
tel: (0044)020 7631 6794
Tickets are 10 pounds

Υ.Γ. Σπύρο, συγχώρεσε αυτή τη μικρή αυθαιρεσία μου, μιας και οι διαλέξεις δεν έχουν άμεση σχέση με τη μετάφραση. Επειδή όμως η αποδόμηση έχει ...
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