SDL Studio 2019: What's New


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SDL Studio 2019: What’s New

— Get started easily with on-demand tips and tutorial videos: From the moment you open SDL Trados Studio 2019, you are guided through each area with tips, tricks and tutorial videos showing you how to create and manage projects, use the translation editor, and get the most out of your translation assets.
— Instant access to every feature and setting with 'Tell Me' technology: Did you know Studio 2019 has over 700 commands and 1300 settings, that’s a lot of functionality. Our new ‘Tell Me’ technology helps you access a setting 4x faster. Tell Studio exactly what you need to know: simply type in a word or phrase, and Studio 2019 intelligently suggests commands, options and settings that you might want to access.
— Effortless project creation and simple project updates: Create projects up to 28% faster with the brand new one step project creation wizard. Adding and updating specific files mid-project is also now a much quicker and pain-free process – up to 82% faster than Studio 2017.
— Enhanced quality checks: Studio 2019 introduces the option to customize settings for each language, increasing your flexibility and control over quality assurance (QA) checks. When you run a QA check in Studio 2019, the source and target segment are now included in the report, so you can see at a glance exactly where each error occurs.
— Improved translation memory (TM) management: With Studio 2019, you have more control over the Translation Memories Editor: you can now view up to 1000 translation units per page, navigate to a specific page or directly to the last page of a TM, meaning it’s quicker and easier to sort through your TMs, change and update translations

Here's a video on what's new:


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