Google Assists in Wikipedia Translations


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Google Assists in Wikipedia Translations

Google is assisting Wikipedia in a project to automate the translation of its web pages to keep from having to rewrite the material from scratch. "In the last 16 months, Google has been working with the Wikimedia Foundation, students, professors, Google volunteers, paid translators, and members of the Wikipedia community to increase Wikipedia content in Arabic, Indic languages, and Swahili," noted Google at the Wikimania conference in Poland. Google said in a recent blog post that it has started work with Hindi, which had just 21,000 Wikipedia articles in 2008. There are 2.5 million articles in English. The Google Translator Toolkit is able to import Wikipedia pages and allows users to collaboratively translate the documents. One of the perks of the collaboration is the enhancement of Google's own translation tools, since its technology begins with content in which the same text appears in multiple tongues. The more samples of human translation the technology obtains, the better it operates.

From "Google Finds Perks in Its Wikipedia Translations"
CNet (CA) (07/15/10) Shankland, Stephen

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - July 2010
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