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Here is another tool of a very different nature that I was made aware of by Christian Oblin. Christian contacted me awhile back asking for help in finding a little application he had used years ago that automatically entered Word comments with glossary matches into .doc files any time such a match is found in an associated text file. I did not know that exact tool -- though most TEnTs and terminology tools offer something similar, of course -- but then he wrote back, saying that he had found it himself again: It's Glossy. As the name suggests, it's not the most current tool (I strongly doubt that it would run on Word 2007), and in fact the purchase page is currently offline -- but the trial download works.

If you want to try it, I would strongly discourage you from using it for HTML files as they describe it (I am almost certain that this is going to create problems), but for some Word files and projects it might be helpful.

Of course, if you have a full-blown TEnT, I am not sure what the use would be.

Source: Jost Zetzsche's 143rd Tool Kit - Standard Edition
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