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With some applications you say to yourself: "Wow, this is what I have been waiting and looking for forever!" With others you say: "Yeah, that's nice -- not earth-shattering, but helpful." And that impression will only be stronger when realizing that that particular utility is free.

FileTypesMan is one of those tools. Its a no-install little program that gives you very easy access to what is otherwise accessible under Tools> Folder> File Types in Windows Explorer in Windows XP and before (and without such tool not accessible anymore under Windows Vista). This is the place where you can decide with what program a type of file opens when you double-click on it etc. FileTypesMan makes this all more accessible and less technical.

Plus, when you click on a certain file type you also have access to helpful things like these:

  • Open this file type immediately after download without confirmation
  • Always show this file extension
  • Don't add this file type to Recent Documents in Window's Start menu (in case you don't want your kids or spouse to see that you always read Excel sheets or something like that when they are asleep)
  • Show this file type in the New menu of Windows Explorer

Also, while you are at the site from which you can download FileTypesMan there are hundreds (well, maybe just dozens) of other little free programs all developed by the same guy. Most are very helpful, while quite a few others are beyond my technical expertise and interest (and I would not be surprised if many of you would have the same impression).

Source: Jost Zetzsche's 143rd Tool Kit - Standard Edition
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