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Title: Granada (lyrics)
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"Granada" is a 1932 latin popular song written by the Mexican composer Agustín Lara, which has become a standard. It is about the Spanish city of Granada.

The most popular versions are: the original with Spanish lyrics by Lara (often sung operatically); a version with English lyrics by Australian lyricist Dorothy Dodd; and instrumental versions in jazz, pop, easy listening, flamenco or rock styles. Other versions in English also exist (one with lyrics by Al Stewart, and one with lyrics by Robert Musel and Edward Lisbona) but these are much less common. There are also versions in German and in other languages.

The song has been covered many times. Popular versions include those by Frankie Laine who had the biggest hit version of it, Mario Lanza and Frank Sinatra and, in German, by Fritz Wunderlich.

This music was much favoured by theatre organists in the hey-day of their broadcasting in the UK, not least because it provided an opportunity for showing off many of the organ's tuned [harp, glockenspiel, etc.] and non-tuned (castenets, tambourine] percussions.

Because of the flamboyant nature of the tune, and the Spanish lyrics, "Granada" has been accepted by college music courses as an "art song." The piano accompaniment is also elaborate, requiring considerable skill to play.


Granada, tierra sonada por mi,
mi cantar se vuelve gitano
cuando es para ti.
Mi cantar, hecho de fantasia;
mi cantar, flor de melancolia,
que yo te vengo a dar.
Granada, tierra ensangrentada
en tardes de toros,
mujer que conserva el embrujo
de los ojos moros.
De sueno, rebelde, gitana
cubierta de flores,
y beso tu boca de grana,
jugosa manzana
que me habla de amores.
Granada, manola, cantada
en coplas preciosas,
no tengo otra cosa que darte
que un ramo de rosas,
de rosas de suave fragrancia
que le dieran marco a la Virgen morena.
Granada, tu tierra esta llena
de lindas mujeres, de sangre y de sol.
Translation into English

Granada, land of my dreams,
mine becomes a gypsy song
when I sing to you.
My song, born of fancy;
my song, melancholy flower,
that I've come to offer you.
Granada, land covered in blood
from the bullfighting afternoons,
woman who retains the spell
of Moorish eyes.
A dream-land, a rebel, a gypsy,
covered with flowers,
and I kiss your scarlet mouth,
juicy apple
that tells me about love affairs.
Granada, my beautiful, sung
in precious coplas,
I have nothing else to give you
but a bouquet of roses
worthy of adorning the brown-skinned Virgin.
Granada, your soil is full
of beautiful woman, blood and sunshine.

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