‘The Power of the Mighty is Balance': Philosophical Collection of Poetry and Prose Encourages Readers to Know Themselves


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Press Release

‘The Power of the Mighty is Balance’: Philosophical Collection of Poetry and Prose Encourages Readers to Know Themselves

GILROY, Calif., Oct. 14, 2008 — In his new collection of poetry and prose, “The Power of the Mighty is Balance: A Poetic Philosophical Rendition” (published by AuthorHouse - http://www.authorhouse.com), Charles Scott identifies the six basic aspects that make us human - body, soul, intellect, conscious, emotions, and physical - and presents a fully realized philosophy that opens onto a path of enlightenment.

“Knowing who we are and how to relate to who we are by accepting knowledge from segments of ourselves is the beginning of the quest for power through a balanced life,” Scott writes, going on to explain how “balance” relates to our lives:

Whether we choose to believe it or not, there is the constant struggle within us that is generated between the soul, our intellect, our physical being, our emotions, and our consciousness. How do we balance these forces? Can we? Perhaps the one avenue that can help us in achieving this balance is to know ourselves. Then again, what does “knowing ourselves” mean? “The Power of the Mighty is Balance” will give some ideas on how one may achieve balance both as an individual and as a society.

Five chapters - soul, intellect, conscious, emotions and physical - are devoted to poetry, while the body chapter contains a prose explanation of the integration of all six entities. The collection is interspersed with 26 color photographs intended to energize meditation, which Scott believes should be an active mental process.

Consider this excerpt from “One Last Day,” a poem from the physical chapter:

If I were told today that this was my last day on/ earth,/ I would go take a nap because I would need a clear/ mind to figure out what I wanted to do on my last/ day.

And I would need all my strength from the rest to/ talk all day or to think or to meet the few people/ that I would not see anymore.

If I were told today that this was to be my last day/ on earth,/ I might call all those in my contact database and/ say goodbye, or watch TV all day, or play video/ games all day./ Or I would sit and cry and be depressed all day.

If I were told that today was my last day, I just/ might catch the bus or train, and ride all day to/ view the country side. Or I might just decide to/ take all my money, spend it all on lotto tickets, and/ leave them to a friend.

On the other hand, I just might decide to sleep/ through the whole thing.

About the Author: Charles Scott lives a life filled with wonder, impossible dreams and hope with his wife, Frances. In addition to “The Power of the Mighty is Balance,” Scott has also written “Project Management for Data Conversions and Data Migrations” (published by AuthorHouse - http://www.authorhouse.com). More information is available at http://www.52940.authorworld.com.

AuthorHouse is the premier book publisher (http://www.authorhouse.com) for emerging, self-published (http://www.authorhouse.com/GetPublished/FAQ.aspx) authors. For more information, please visit http://www.authorhouse.com.

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