pinocytosis → πινοκύτωση, πινοκυττάρωση, ποτοκύτωση, κυτταρόποση, κυτταροποσία


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pinocytosis → πινοκύτωση, πινοκυττάρωση, ποτοκύτωση, κυτταροποσία

In cellular biology, pinocytosis, otherwise known as fluid endocytosis and bulk-phase pinocytosis, is a mode of endocytosis in which small particles suspended in extracellular fluid are brought into the cell through an invagination of the cell membrane, resulting in a suspension of the particles within a small vesicle inside the cell. These pinocytotic vesicles then typically fuse with early endosomes to hydrolyze (break down) the particles.
Pinocytosis - Wikipedia

ar: شرب خلوي; bg: пиноцитоза; bn: পিনোসাইটোসিস; bs: pinocitoza; ca: pinocitosi; cs: pinocytóza; da: pinocytose; de: Makropinozytose; en: pinocytosis; es: pinocitosis; et: pinotsütoos; eu: pinozitosi; fa: قطره‌خواری; fr: pinocytose; gl: pinocitose; he: פינוציטוזה; id: pinositosis; it: pinocitosi; ja: 飲作用; jv: pinositosis; kk: жұту; mn: пиноцитоз; nl: pinocytose; no: pinocytose; pl: pinocytoza; pt: pinocitose; ro: pinocitoză; ru: пиноцитоз; sh: pinocitoza; sk: pinocytóza; sr: пиноцитоза; sv: pinocytos; th: พิโนไซโทซิส; tr: pinositoz; uk: піноцитоз; zh: 胞饮作用


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