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Hello everyone,

I would like to announce that just a week ago the first (and only) android application for localization professionals has been published on the android market.
The application enables users to open, browse contents, search for terms within TBX files and even suggest changes and send them out in the form of a change log.

The application is FREE to download and use, but as with all apps there are adds in there I'm afraid. Thanks for understanding!

Since I don't want to advertise, for anyone is interested you can download the app via the market or you can read a more detailed description here:

I hope this is of use for people - I personally use it while traveling. For any feedback, comments and/or suggestions please feel free to contact me!
I will make sure to adapt to rising needs and wishes :)

P.S. An updated will be released tomorrow and users will be able to open Multiterm 7 XML files as well (!)

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The update (Version 1.3) has been released.

Some new features:

* Added support for MutliTerm 7 XML files
* Terms can be copied to clipboard by taping on them
* Fixed some minor UI glitches
* Added a sample TBX and MTF file
* Changed navigation button color to declare end and begin of file

You can now open MultiTerm XML files on your Android Device!



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