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Title: SDLXLIFF Toolkit (Studio 2017 and Studio 2019)
Post by: drkhateeb on 10 Aug, 2018, 19:55:53
**Updated to Version 3.0 for Studio 2017 and created Version 4.0 for 2019**

- important update for Studio 2017 correcting installation options
- fixed some spacing issues with search & replace around tags
- added a version to support SDL Trados Studio 2019

Slice, change or clear SDLXLIFF files individually, within a project or a whole folder.

Create a ‘view’ of your files/projects by generating a new SDLXLIFF containing only the segments you want.
Clear the segments or change the status of or lock/unlock segments in your file/projects based on a number of specific criteria including translation status, match value, document structure and translation origin.
Clear the segments of all the translations in your file/project based on specific criteria.
Search and replace text in source or target across files/project using text or regex.
Copy source to target for any selection criteria.

Download full details and instructions : (