Very basic questions regarding 2009 Trados Studio

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I'm new with Trados studio 2009 (and translation for that matter) and I am also self taught. I know how to use it and I have done so a couple of times but I  still have some basic questions even though I tried to find answers on the forum.

1) What are tags there for? It takes so much time to add them to my translation! Isnt there a way they can automatically be inserted? It just feels like a waste of time, if, in a segment, there are 10 different tags and I have to pick the right one every time.

2) If I understand correctly, Trados starts becoming really useful when one has done translations so that translation memories can be used. Do i create a translation memory with every new file to be translated? Or do I have one big translation memory for English-Greek for example that I will always use?

I hope my questions dont sound too stupid. Thanks a lot for your answers!


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1) Tags are used as a form of maintaining formatting and other non-translatable elements within your translated text so that when the translation is exported it looks like the original document.
2) You can use one global translation memory for each language pair or create subject-specific TMs. To start with, just use one global TM.

You need basic Trados training. There are some useful topics here:


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