MetaTexis 3

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MetaTexis 3

MetaTexis for Word 3 features plenty of new functions and options; it is more stable, more user-friendly, as well as more customizable; and almost every function is now considerably faster, especially database related functions and navigation functions. A lot of efforts have also gone into improving support for tagged files. (For a more detailed description of the enhancements and improvements in version 3, see the list at the end of this newsletter.)

For all who love working with Microsoft Word, there is the good news that MetaTexis, unlike other TM tools, is still fully integrated in Microsoft Word, thus offering a unique combination of user-friendliness and powerfulness. Now this integration is also fully developed in Word 2007 and Word 2010: MetaTexis for Word 3 features a new ribbon that lets you easily access every function.

You are invited to test the new version 3 by downloading the trial version at If you have already purchased a license for version 2, you can purchase the upgrade at a reduced price (102.33 euro). Those of you who have purchased version 2 since July 1st 2010 will even get an upgrade key for free!

To make the upgrade, install the new version, and launch MS Word; then a dialog will be shown that leads you to the upgrade page.

I hope you will continue to enjoy translating with MetaTexis! I will keep developing MetaTexis to make your translation job even more efficient and profitable. Your suggestions and error reports will help me achieving this. You are therefore welcome to contribute to the further development!

Version 3.0 features

— Improved search performance
— Improved navigation performance
— Improved performance for database import and export
— Ribbon for Word 2007/2010
— Real time statistics (translation progress info)
— Mass processing for database maintenance (string replace, deletions)
— Wildcard search for TDBs
— Import filter for Wordfast Pro translation memories and documents (TXML) (version "NET/Office" only)
— Import filter for TRADOS Studio translation memories and documents (SDLite, sdlxliff) (version "NET/Office" only)
— Support for TBX standard added
— New document type filters for DITA files (version "NET/Office" only)
— Automatic copying of numbers with automatic adaptation of number format
— Batch processing functions improved and enhanced
— Scout: New search functions
— Improved watch list function: Use TDBs as watch list, wildcard feature
— Support for additional database engines and online TM resources (SQLite, PostGreSQL, MySQL ODBC, MyMemory, TinyTM)
— New option to customize the extensions for MetaTexis documents and cleaned/final version
— New segmentation option "Do not delete spaces at end of a segment"
— Improved PDF import
— Improved support for XML files (automatic tag error correction)
— New Quality check features: Check internal tag consistency (for tagged documents); improved number check (including number formatting)
— Statistics: Enhanced statistics and analysis results; export of statistics results as xml files; TRADOS style results; special tag count
— New option to launch Document Options instead of Start Assistant at project start
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MetaTexis 3

Δηλαδή αυτό σημαίνει ότι χωρίς την έκδ. 3 δεν θα δουλεύει το Office 2010 κανονικά ή καθόλου?
Απλοϊκή ίσως η ερώτηση αλλά θα ήθελα να ξέρω την απάντηση πριν από οποιαδήποτε αλλαγή...
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