illegal pitch → αντικανονική ρίψη

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pitch (baseball) → ρίψη (της μπάλας), μπαλιά

When watching a baseball video analyzed, you can not only watch the highlights of the game, but also watch every pitch. When you select the Next Pitch button located near the bottom right corner, the program takes you to the moment just before the next pitch. Select the Previous Pitch button to return to the last pitch thrown.
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illegal pitch         lancer (n.) irrégulier         αντικανονική ρίψη     
no pitch          lancer annulé       άκυρη μπαλιά (ρίψη)
pitch (to)         lancer         ρίπτω     
pitch       lancer (n.)       ρίψη

Pitch→ Baseball. a. to deliver or serve (the ball) to the batter.
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