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Title: Business English
Post by: lany on 07 Feb, 2007, 14:59:41
Γνωρίζει κανείς πού θα μπορούσε να στραφεί κάποιος για εκμάθηση Business English;
Title: Re: Business English
Post by: inertia on 15 Feb, 2007, 13:16:02
Ελένη, μόλις ανακάλυψα, κάτι εδώ:

Face to Face

    * Greeting people, welcoming visitors
    * Introducing yourself and other people (personal details, jobs and responsibilities)
    * Presenting and describing a company (structure, products, systems, internal policies, performance and results, events)
    * Making comparisons, expressing preferences and opinions (agreeing and disagreeing)
    * Checking in and out of a hotel
    * Cultural issues and misunderstandings
    * Using verbal and non verbal language to create a message
    * Eating out

Business Meetings

    * Persuasion skills
    * Buying and selling
    * Understanding prices and delivery rates
    * Making and accepting offers
    * Making agreements and negotiating contracts


    * Completing forms with personal or company details
    * E-mails and faxes
    * Business letters
    * Proposals
    * Contracts and reports


    * Standard terms and phrases
    * Asking for and giving information about a product or service
    * Arranging and rearranging appointments and meetings
    * Confirming or changing plans
    * Giving and receiving instructions
    * Telephone conference calls
    * Making inquiries, reservations, orders and bookings (hotels, restaurants, etc)
    * Handling complaints and problems
    * Apologizing and accepting others apologies
Title: Re: Business English
Post by: lany on 15 Feb, 2007, 13:18:00
Νατασάκι, ευχαριστώ. Είναι για έναν γνωστό που θέλει ιδιαίτερο όμως...

Τhanks anyway....
Title: Re: Business English
Post by: gpandeleos on 16 Feb, 2007, 16:47:42
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