this job was caused by a trip I went on


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I’m about to begin a TEFL course as I would like to be an English teacher as my profession.  My passion for this job was caused by a trip I went on with my high school friends from Salamanca.  Twenty of us did one of the “cursos ingles Nueva York” in the USA and more or less everybody has decided to continue learning Enlish, it really was a wonderful experience!  My TEFL course will be in Oxford but I hope to be able to see a little more of Europe before I take on a permanent job – I have bought a Eurostar ticket and during the weekends will take every opportunity to see Europe. We explored America so much during my time in New York, I feel terrible for not seeing what is on my doorstep!  I hope to be working as a Spanish teacher, alongside the English teaching, and think my final destination will be France (my family is French and so I am fluent already).  Please, if anyone has any tips for must-see cities, tell me!  Once I begin work and dedicate myself to a house and job, I will be unable to travel so much so I want to take every opportunity NOW!  Seeing new places at this stage in my career would be good for me as one never knows, I may decide to settle there to do the teaching!
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Hi Manuel!

Must-see cities: London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Venice, Florence, Athens, Vienna, perhaps?


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