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Title: στρατηγός -> general
Post by: Kern on 25 Dec, 2005, 21:27:57

For a little project, I want to write the ancient greek word "Strategos". I used wikipedia (, where the word is written in ancient greek, but I'm not sure I have all the letter right, I think it is;

sigma tau rho alpha tau eta gamma omicron sigma*

* = another kind of sigma

Is that right ? And what's the accent on the omicron, it doesn't seem to be neither acute nor grave.

Thank you
Title: Απ: Στρατηγός
Post by: wings on 25 Dec, 2005, 21:53:46
Ηello Kern.

The spelling you found is absolutely ok. The accent for this word is the acute.

The final letter is the what we call "final sigma", which looks like the English "s".