Copy/paste/cut shortcuts stopped working: Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V / Ctrl+X


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Stopped working: Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V / Ctrl+X

Solution 1

1. Launch Word
2. Open options (File → Options)
3. Click on Language on the left menu
4. Under the section titled "Office Display Language" (or "Choose Display and Help Languages"), you can notice the default being "Match Microsoft Windows"
5. Select "English" in each box, and click on "Set as Default"
6. Click on "OK". (at this point you will be prompted to restart Word)
7. All keyboard shortcuts will be restored to the default English ones after you restart Word.

Solution 2

You will need to uninstall your keyboard driver and restart your computer and your CTRL keys will function once again.  To do this:

1)  Click Start
2)  Control Panel
3)  Devices and Printers (or Printers and Other Hardware)
4)  Keyboard (or USB Keyboard)
5)  In the Keyboard Properties window, click Hardware
6)  Click Properties
7)  Click Driver
8)  Click Uninstall, click OK
9)  Restart your Computer

Solution 3
Sometimes Word does not appear to support the Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V shortcuts because it is using as default a set of slightly different ones (Alt+Backspace=Undo, Alt+Enter=Redo, Ctrl+Delete=cut, Ctrl+Insert=copy, Shift+Insert=Paste etc).

Another user might have assigned different shortcuts to these keys.

To ascertain which shortcuts work in your system, just run a macro which will list all of them. How do you do that? Simple: Press Alt+F8. The Macros window appears. The second field should read Macros in: Select Word Commands. Now, scroll down within the first field (Macro name) until you locate ListCommands macro. When you do, select it and click on the Run button. A dialog box appears asking you if you want to see the current commands only or all of them. Choose any.

Moreover, if you want to assign a custom shortcut click on Files → Options > Customize Ribbon → Keyboard shortcuts: Customize → Customize Keyboard. In the Categories box, click the category that contains the command or other item. In the box to the right, click the name of the command or other item. Any shortcut keys that are currently assigned appear in the Current keys box. In the Press new shortcut key box, press the shortcut key combination you want to assign. For example, press Alt+ the desired key. Look at Currently assigned to check whether the shortcut key combination is already assigned to a different command. If so, select another combination. Click Assign. Done!
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