How to change keyboard shortcuts in Trados Translators WorkBench

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How to change keyboard shortcuts in Trados Translators WorkBench

Some of the keyboard shortcuts in WorkBench utilize keys in the numeric keypad. For example, the Set/Close/Next/Open/Get command corresponds to Alt + numeric + (+).

But what happens if your laptop doesn’t have a numeric keypad (as is the case with most laptop computers with 15” or 15,4” screens)? One would’ve thought that you could simply use Alt + Shift + (+) instead of Alt + numeric (+), esp. as the (+) key and the numeric (+) key share the same ANSI code. Alas, Alt + Shift + (+) does not work and this problem hasn’t yet been addressed by Trados.

However, if you want, you can customize these shortcuts following these steps:

1.   Go to Tools > Customize

2.   Select Keyboard (the Customize Keyboard window will open)

3.   In the Categories list select: Macros

4.   In the Macros list look for the group of WorkBench shortcut macros (they begin with tw4win…)

5.   Select the command whose shortcut you wish to change (you will then be able to see the current shortcut in the Current keys box) and press your new key combination (Alt + S in the attached screen capture).
Note: MS Word will notify you if the shortcut you chose is already assigned to another command. In that case, select a different shortcut.

6.   Press Assign.

7.   Repeat steps 5-6 for any other shortcuts you need to change and you’re ready!
Note: Changes are saved in the template. Should you lose it or switch to a different template, your shortcuts will have to be re-assigned.
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Congratulations guys! Translatum gets mentioned in the Toolkit's latest version (132nd Toolkit). Way to go!

I quote:

"3. Trados Shortcut Magic
There was an interesting posting in the Translatum forum. Someone mentioned a good way to overcome the finger gymnastics one has to revert to on a laptop if you want to use the numeric keypad. The only way is by using the Fn key, which results in a combination well-suited for long-fingered Martians but not for us humble humans. This problem is particularly acute in tools that have some important keyboard shortcuts involving a "Num key," such as Trados with Alt+Num* and Alt+Num+. One way to solve this is by using a USB numeric keypad. It doesn't cost much, and the installation consists of nothing more than plugging in a USB connector. Another way -- and this is what I do -- is to use a full external keyboard with your laptop."



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